Bike Robbery Foiled: The Helium Network's Tale of Recovery

Bike Robbery Foiled: The Helium Network's Tale of Recovery

We constantly seek out use cases for the Helium network, aiming to demonstrate what the future holds for everyone. Allow us to share an incredible tale of a Helium network user who successfully recovered their stolen e-bike valued at 2,600$!

discord message

The crime.

On May 9th at 10:15 am, an esteemed member of the Helium community on Discord shared unfortunate news with fellow users. While visiting the library, he experienced a distressing incident: his valuable e-bike was stolen. The thief skillfully severed the locks, making a successful getaway with the e-bike. This was no normal lock. This was a top of the line Kryptonite U-lock, valued at 150$. The thief used a angle grinder to cut open the lock in broad daylight.

The Helium Network.

Fortunately, our friend had a stroke of luck as his e-bike was equipped with not just one, but two Helium trackers. Unbeknownst to the thief, these cutting-edge tracking devices were discreetly integrated into the e-bike's design. The presence of a Helium tracking sensor enabled the victim to promptly trace the whereabouts of the stolen e-bike. Following the signal, he successfully located the e-bike at an apartment complex and managed to capture surveillance video footage of the thief in action from the complex.

bike thief

Sensors located.

Regrettably, the thief eventually discovered and removed both sensors from the bike. However, his actions proved futile as it was already too late. The security cameras had already captured his face. Below, you can see that one of the sensors cleverly concealed itself on the e-bike's kickstand.

bike with gps tracker

The waiting game.

Prompted by the incident, our friend promptly contacted the authorities and provided them with the compelling evidence against the thief. This successful identification became possible solely due to the presence of the Helium sensors, which were instrumental in capturing photos of the perpetrator. Without these sensors, obtaining photographic evidence of the thief would have been an insurmountable challenge.

A happy ending.

May 16, 2023, a week later. An exhilarating moment unfolded as the stolen bike was triumphantly recovered. Filled with excitement, our Discord user returned to express gratitude and celebrate the invaluable role played by the Helium network.

recovered bike photo
Quote from Police "helium tracker Telematics guru broke the case open."
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