Baicells Limited Stock Helium Deploy Baicells Limited Stock Helium Deploy

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Launching DIMO
Turn your car's data into an asset. Mine crypto while you drive.
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FreedomFi Helium Miner


FreedomFi Gateway is the first multi-protocol miner for the Helium network.

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Baicells Radio Helium Miner

Baicells 430h

The Baicells Nova 430H is an advanced two-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB) compliant with 3GPP LTE TDD technology.

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Baicells and FreedomFi Helium Miner

FreedomFi + 430h Bundle

This bundle is a Baicells Nova430H outdoor CBRS and FreedomFi. Everything you need to get started mining Mobile.

Buy now - $1,999
  • Helium Growth

    Tackling data demands

    As streaming services like Netflix and YouTube become ever more popular, people are also relying on apps like Zoom for work meetings and Facetime to keep in touch with friends. To meet the rising internet demand from this digital surge, Helium Mobile is here to provide solutions!

  • Helium People

    Powered by the people

    Our nation is going wireless, thanks to the pioneering work of people like you. No longer reliant on legacy companies such as Nokia or Ericsson for network infrastructure, we are taking our country into a new era of connectivity!

  • Coins

    Reap the rewards

    Become part of the revolution. Join Helium Mobile and get rewarded for providing wireless coverage. Fast internet connectivity is no longer an issue with this reliable and secure future-proof technology.

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