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Bobber 500 vs. FreedomFi 5G, which to buy?

Bobber 500 vs. FreedomFi 5G, which to buy?

Are you trying to decide which hardware to buy to mine crypto?


I will lay out some of the differences between the two. First, the Bobber 500 is powered by FreedomFi software. So both machines will have the same dashboards, with minor differences.

So that will be my first reason to pick FreedomFi over the Bobber500.


The second difference is the Bobber 500 can only connect one radio out of the box, while the FreedomFi can connect three radios out of the box. Then, you can connect a switch to either machine to add more radios. But in the end, it's one less piece of hardware needed with the FreedomFi.


I will have to give another point to FreedomFi here.


Let's talk about the included LoRa antennas real quick. There's not much to say here. The Bobber 500 included LoRa antenna is much better than the FreedomFi. The Bobber 500 antenna has a long cable with a magnetic base, so you can place the antenna where you like. The FreedomFi antenna is just a basic antenna you screw on the back of the unit there is no option for better placement. Although most people looking into Helium Mobile couldn't care less about this. Please keep in mind you can add a better external LoRa antenna to both machines.

I will give this to the Bobber 500.



On to the design of the unit. Most people would prefer the clean, stylish design of the Bobber 500. This is my opinion, and honestly, I don't care about how the unit looks, as it would be hidden most of the time.


Bobber 500 gets another point here.


I just went over some parts that most people would be curious about.


Ultimately, I recommend you pick up the FreedomFi over the Bobber 500.

It's essential to remember that the FreedomFi software runs both machines, and you don't need to spend extra money buying a switch for more radios.

The only time I'd recommend the Bobber 500 would be if the design is an essential factor. Or, if you want to focus on LoRa, that makes little sense because you can buy a much cheaper Bobber 300.

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