Get paired with quality Hosts near you

Get paired with quality Hosts near you


Start today and get matched with hosts that are in prime urban areas with high footfall.

You'll be matched with a nearby host, all of whom have been approved by Heliumdeploy and can set up a Helium Mobile hotspot at their site.

Who are these hosts?
  • Entrepreneurs with access to various locations through their network, capped by their investment to deploy more Helium Mobile units.
  • Seeking partnerships with deployers(you) to utilize their current locations efficiently.
  • Experienced in deploying Helium Mobile units.


These are the simple steps to start your mining adventure👇


Step 1 - Buy the bundle

The equipment that will be installed would be providing coverage to phones that are around the area. When someone is subscribed to Helium Mobile, they would connect to the radio to get service.



Step 2 - Meet the host

In a meeting, you and the host will reach a consensus on the percentage of rewards, commonly a 70%-30% split where you receive 70% of the earnings and the host 30%. Following the meeting, an installation date will be arranged.

hosts meeting deployer



Step 3 - Installation

After installation, ownership of the Helium Mobile hotspot will be transferred to the your Helium wallet.

black helium wallet photo



What are you waiting for? Book a call today!

+1 832-769-2675

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i am interested in the HOST program.


Hi I am interested in this program and signing up. Would like more information my phone number is 347 512 0692. Have a great day and I just purchased freedom fi.

Shelly Carter

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