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Introducing: the DIMO Macaron Mapping Challenge

Introducing: the DIMO Macaron Mapping Challenge

The DIMO Macaron Mapping Challenge

We're excited to announce the DIMO Macaron Mapping Challenge!

Check out the contest page here.

In an official collaboration with DIMO, we built out this contest to reward Macaron owners for mapping the Helium IOT Network.

This is a big deal. Helium needs mappers, DIMO is coming to the rescue, and you get huge bonus rewards for participating!

There are 350,000 $DIMO tokens available for contest participants.

Let's review the contest rules.

How does it work?

The DIMO Macaron hardware device turns your car into a connected vehicle by sending data over Helium’s IoT network. Helium has over 350,000 hotspots in the world, and in this challenge, your task is to drive and find them.

What are the rules?

1. You must map at least 10 hotspots to qualify.
2. A hotspot counts only when engaged by multiple DIMO devices.
3. Geographical is Eligibility: The contest open in the US, EU, and Canada.

What are the contest dates?

The contest starts on May 19. On that date, all data shown in the leaderboards will be reset to 0, and the contest begins. It will run until June 30, when your position in the leaderboard will be locked in, and your prizes distributed.

How can I participate?

Connect your vehicle

Purchase a macaron device and connect your vehicle using the DIMO mobile app.

Start Driving

Your DIMO Macaron will automatically tally a point each time it connects to a Helium hotspot while you drive.

Connect your wallet

If your DIMO wallet is set up using Metamask or Rainbow, simply click the wallet connect button to see where you stand. If you are using the wallet built into the DIMO Mobile app, you’ll need to import that wallet into a compatible wallet (instructions here).

Track your progress

On the Moken map, click the “DIMO contest” widget in order to view our global, city, and state leaderboards. As the contest runs from May 19th to June 30th, keep an eye on your rankings and estimated rewards.

How are rewards distributed?

350,000 $DIMO tokens are in the grand reward pool. The Global leaderboard will determine 210,000 of the $DIMO rewards. Each Governor (state leader) and Mayor (city leader) will be awareded depending on the size of each region. Governers will receive a share of 94,500 $DIMO, and mayors will share the remaining 45,500 $DIMO.

The exact regional breakdown will be shared before the contest start date.

Want to learn more about DIMO?

Check out our DIMO Network page for a primer on the network, what it aims to accomplish, and how you can start mining while you drive, while contributing to the biggest open car data network in the world.

Start your engines!

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