It’s official, boosted hexes rewards are coming

It’s official, boosted hexes rewards are coming

Hip84 has recently concluded. For those unfamiliar with this term, Hip84 refers to a Helium Improvement Proposal that grants Helium Mobile the capability to enhance rewards for any desired mobile hex. You may be curious about the reasons behind such a decision. That's an excellent question, and we'll provide a comprehensive explanation shortly.

You can read the technical document here:

How Helium Mobile works.

The success of Helium Mobile hinges on the extent of Helium Mobile coverage, as it currently relies heavily on offloading its customers to T-Mobile towers, while only a small fraction utilizes the CBRS radios deployed by the community. This business model proves to be quite expensive for the cell phone company. Assuming they are paying T-Mobile $3 per gigabyte, while compensating the community with a mere 50 cents per gigabyte, it becomes evident that it is in their best interest to encourage their customers to connect to the CBRS radios. However, a significant challenge arises when there is insufficient radio coverage for this to happen. Let's explore potential solutions to this issue below.

The plan.

Hex boosting presents the solution to address inadequate coverage by utilizing a straightforward concept. Let's consider the scenario where Helium Mobile aims to achieve comprehensive coverage in Miami, but currently lacks deployments in that area. This is where hex boosting intervenes. Envision a sudden surge in incentives, such as a 10x or 100x increase in rewards, for deploying a radio in Miami within the mobile network. This is precisely what hex boost accomplishes. Helium Mobile will apply a boost specifically to Miami, enabling all radios deployed there to receive a substantial bonus in rewards.

The primary advantage of this approach is that it incentivizes individuals to promptly deploy radios in Miami and claim the bonus rewards. Moreover, as a positive side effect, Miami's coverage improves, alleviating the need for Helium Mobile to pay $3 per gigabyte to T-Mobile for connectivity in that area. This ingenious strategy ensures that coverage is concentrated precisely where it is required, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved.

The future.

The arrival of hex boosting is imminent, marking an exciting phase for Helium Mobile. With the implementation of boosting effects, we anticipate a surge in the price of the Mobile Token. If you are considering deploying a radio, I strongly recommend choosing a bustling city like Miami or waiting until the official boosting is launched. This way, we can identify the areas where deployments are most required and strategically contribute to the network expansion.

If you find yourself unable to deploy your own radios, we invite you to explore our Moken platform. Through Moken, we take care of the radio deployments in prime locations, eliminating the need for any effort on your part. For more information and to connect with us, please visit:

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