Mining vs Buying DIMO

Mining vs. Buying Tokens: DIMO

Mining vs. Buying: DIMO Tokens

You might wonder whether it's better to mine or buy DIMO tokens (or both!). 

In this article, we’ll discuss profitable strategies for mining and purchasing DIMO tokens, helping you understand which might be best for you. We’ll also provide some analysis to compare these strategies to help you make an informed decision.

We aim to present a combined approach that could offer the best potential returns based on historical data and strategy performance.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

Before diving into the detailed analysis of different strategies for profiting from DIMO tokens, let's outline some key insights. 

Analyzing the data, mining DIMO tokens proved to be more advantageous 60% of the time compared to buying them, especially when comparing medium-term strategies. Specifically, mining frequently offers better returns when considering mining and holding for up to three months versus buying and selling within the same period at a maximum price.

When Is It Better to Mine DIMO Tokens?

It’s better mine DIMO tokens than buying in following scenarios:

  • If You Are Very Early: Mining from the start can yield substantial benefits as you accumulate tokens before their value potentially increases.
  • For Long-Term Investments: If you’re planning to hold onto your tokens for many months, mining tends to be more profitable, allowing you to benefit from gradual increases in token value.
  • If You Plan to Keep the Mining Unit Long Term: The longer you can use your mining setup, the more cost-effective it becomes, making mining a wise choice for those committed to the long haul.

When Is It Better to Buy DIMO Tokens?

If the price of DIMO tokens drops sharply, purchasing tokens directly can be more cost-effective than mining. Buying during dips allows you to acquire tokens at a lower cost, offering a good deal compared to the regular mining output.

Assumptions for Our Analysis

Here, we will list down some  assumptions and key details to compare the methods of mining and purchasing DIMO tokens:

Mining Start Date: 

January 16, 2023. 

Streak Consistency: 

There have been no missed streaks in mining. In DIMO, maintaining a streak is crucial for maximum profitability. Both devices gain an additional 1,000 points for each level of streak maintained over the weeks.

Maximum Streak Points:

  • DIMO Macaron: Up to 5,000 points per week at its maximum streak.
  • DIMO AutoPi: Up to 9,000 points per week at its maximum streak.

Cost of Equipment:

For mining, the AutoPi device is used, and it is priced at $375. 

Different devices start with different points:

  • DIMO AutoPi: Starts at 6,000 points per week.
  • DIMO Macaron: Starts at 2,000 points per week, which is about one-third of the AutoPi’s initial reward.

After maintaining a streak for 36 weeks, the Macaron earns 5/9ths of the rewards of the AutoPi, showing significant relative improvement over time.

Let's analyze the various strategies for profiting from DIMO tokens as depicted in the graph below:

Comprehensive graph comparing earnings from various strategies of buying and mining DIMO tokens.

The chart comparing "Mine and Hold" to "Buy and Hold" might make it look like buying DIMO tokens is the better choice based on data starting from January 16, 2023. But keep the red line is fixed - in 1 year from now it will look the same, while the blue line continues to rise as more tokens are mined. For example, in January of 2025, another 6 months of tokens will be mined, which is an additional 2500 DIMO tokens at today's pace.

Keep in mind that if you plan to invest for more than 18 months, the trends show that buying could work out better. This change is because the longer the time period, the more it seems buying tokens could lead to greater gains compared to mining.

How to Read These Charts?

The charts here show the amount earned in $ (first chart) or in DIMO tokens (second chart) you could earn from mining or buying tokens, starting on different dates. When you look at a specific date on the chart, like October 1, 2023, it tells you how much you would have made from that day onward.

The reason the numbers go down as you move to the right is because you're looking at shorter and shorter periods of time to mine or hold tokens. So, if you start later, there's less time to earn, which is why the values decrease. This helps you see how starting at different times might affect your earnings.

DIMO Buying Strategies

"God": Buying a Token and Selling at the Peak (Green on Chart)

Best Suited For: Ideal for seasoned traders with a high-risk tolerance and an acute sense of market timing.

It is about buying DIMO tokens at a regular price and selling them when they are most expensive.

Chart detailing earnings from buying DIMO tokens and selling them at their maximum price using AutoPI.

Peaks at nearly 4,000 points, indicating very high potential returns. However, such opportunities are rare and require perfect timing.

This method can make you a lot of money, but it's hard to predict the best time to sell.

"Good Trader": Buying the Token and Selling Within Maximum 3 Months (Orange on Chart)

Best Suited For: Traders who seek shorter-term investments and can act on quick shifts in market dynamics.

Here, you buy DIMO tokens and plan to sell them within three months, ideally when the price is high. It’s less risky than waiting for the highest price ever and still allows you to make a good profit if you choose the right time to sell.

Graph showing earnings from buying DIMO tokens and selling at maximum price within three months using AutoPI.

Regular peaks around 2,000 points, offering good returns but less than the ‘God’ strategy.

Buy and Hold

Best Suited For: Investors who are willing to accept higher volatility for the chance of greater returns. 

Graph displaying DIMO tokens accumulated over time using the Buy and Hold strategy.

The red line shows more significant fluctuations, with higher peaks and sharper declines. This suggests that buying and holding can potentially offer higher returns if timed correctly but also carries a higher risk of substantial losses.

DIMO Mining Strategies

Mining and Selling Weekly (Blue on Chart)

Best Suited For: Ideal for miners who prefer a low, steady, and predictable income without the risk of market fluctuations affecting their returns.

This method involves mining DIMO tokens and selling them on a weekly basis, regardless of the market price.

Graph illustrating total earnings from mining DIMO tokens and selling weekly.

The blue line is the most stable among the strategies but offers the lowest returns. It provides regular income and minimizes risk by not holding on to the tokens for too long.

Mining and Selling at the Top (Red on Chart)

Best Suited For: Suitable for miners who are also skilled traders and can predict when the market will peak, willing to take on higher risk for potentially greater rewards.

Chart depicting total earnings from mining DIMO tokens and selling at maximum value.

This strategy involves mining tokens and holding them until their value peaks, similar to the "God" buying strategy.

The red line has high peaks similar to the green line, offering potentially high returns. However, like the "God" strategy, it requires accurate market timing.

Mining and Holding Max 3 Months / Selling at the Top (Yellow on Chart)

Best Suited For: This is a good option for miners who can wait a few months to potentially increase their earnings but want to avoid the long-term market risks.

Chart of total earnings from mining DIMO tokens and selling after three months.

Miners hold the mined tokens for no longer than three months or until the token price peaks, whichever comes first.

Mine and Hold

Best Suited For: Ideal for those with the resources to mine and looking at long-term asset accumulation without immediate returns, hoping for future market improvements.

Graph showing DIMO tokens earned over time through the Mine and Hold strategy

This method involves mining DIMO tokens and holding onto them, aiming for long-term growth in value.

Mining vs. Buying Tokens: What’s the Best Strategy?

Considering the above factors, a mixed strategy appears optimal:

  • Mine the Token: Regularly mine DIMO tokens to increase your holdings steadily.
  • Save Some Money for Buying Dips: Keep some funds ready to take advantage of significant price drops in DIMO tokens. This approach allows you to boost your token count quickly and cost-effectively during favorable market conditions.

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