The easiest way to swap HNT, IOT and MOBILE tokens

The easiest way to swap HNT, IOT and MOBILE tokens

Today, we will be demonstrating how to effortlessly swap HNT, IOT, or MOBILE. This invaluable knowledge will enable you to easily exchange these tokens without the need for any account creation. It's a hassle-free process that we're excited to share with you!

Step 1.

Open the Black Helium Wallet

Step 2.

Tap the globe icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3.

Tap on

Step 4.

Tap connect.

Step 5.

Tap Helium.

Step 6.

Make sure the link says, if not exit as there could be an error. If it’s correct press connect.

Step 7.

Tap the box under “You pay”. It could vary what is there.

Step 8.

I am going to swap 200 MOBILE tokens to whatever the exchange amount is of IOT tokens. Change this to what your needs are. You can either search for mobile, or tap it from the list below. Please verify that the text beside MOBILE is: mb1e…2jh6. 

Step 9.

Tap the box under “You receive”.

Step 10.

As in the previous step. You can either search for IOT at the top or tap it from the list below. Make sure the text beside IOT is: iotE…9fns.

Step 11.

Enter the amount of Mobile you want to swap. As before I mentioned in this example I will use 200.

Step 12.

You can see the ratio it’s being swapped for(I’ve hidden them below). If you're happy, press swap.

Step 13.

Make sure the link says: If so, press approve.

Got an error?

You might not have enough SOL. Please follow our guide here to get more SOL for transactions:

Step 14.

You should see at the bottom a success screen! You did it! That’s all there is to swapping.

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