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WXM Helium Weather Station

WXM Helium Weather Station

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What it does:

This unit monitors the environment. Providing hyper local weather data. You will be rewarded in WXM tokens for installing this.

How to install:

This unit needs to be installed at least 6.5feet off the ground.

The weather station does not need any wires, it's battery operated.
This needs to be install in an open area without objects casting shadows on it.


You need to install this unit outdoors.

‍This can only be used globally.

What's included & recommended parts:‍

1 x WXM Helium Weather Station

This includes the mounting hardware to mount onto poles.

Below are some recommended parts to help complete the installation. As an Amazon Associate, we earn commission from qualifying purchases.

- Proxicast steel J-Pipe : If you have no way to mount the unit, this mount can support the weather station.

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