Become a Helium mobile host

Become a Helium mobile host

Did you know you can earn rewards for installing Helium mobile equipment on your property? It’s quite simple and easy.

What the equipment does

The equipment that would be installed on your property would be providing coverage to phones that are around the property. When someone is subscribed to Helium Mobile, they would connect to your radio to get service.

helium equipment


  • You need rooftop access.
  • An internet speed of at least 300mbps download and 20 mbps upload.
  • Be the owner of the property and agree to host for a minimum of 36 months.


A radio such as the Baicells 430H or 436H which weighs around 20 pounds will be installed at the highest point on the roof of your property. Depending on which radio is selected a mains power cable (436H only) and ethernet cable (430H and 436H) will be installed on the roof while the other end would be going into the property where the FreedomFi gateway is located, which is connected to the internet modem from your ISP via ethernet cable.

baicells 430h setup guide

But don’t worry, it will not be your responsibility to do the install. The Deployer is ready to pay for a professional installer to put the radios up on your roof which ensures a clean install with minimal roof and wall penetration. The installer may be selected from our list of professional installers found here:

Aside from the installation, the FreedomFi gateway needs to be onboarded to the Helium network. This is a fairly easy task that can be completed by your installer or yourself prior to the installation as presented in our guide.


When installing the Helium mobile equipment on your property. The amount of rewards you earn depends on how much useful coverage you provide to the network. As a bonus you will earn extra rewards if people connect to your equipment and pass data, such as watching youtube on their phones.

How hosting works

  • Moken deployers have purchased one of the following setups: FreedomFi gateway + 1 to 3 Baicells 430H radios or FreedomFi gateway + Baicells 436h radio and external antenna and are looking for hosts to put up their setup. Shall you meet the requirements of the host program, we shall introduce you to these deployers.
  • We will share your location with our pool of hosts to the deployers.
  • If your location is selected, the replace will contact you directly. If all goes well, they will send you a contract detailing the relationship and your rewards split.
  • It will be your responsibility (the host) to organize and oversee the install, maintain internet and power to the radio, to ensure it is online.
  • Once an agreement is reached between you (the host) and the deployer, the equipment will be sent to your location.
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