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Helium Mobile Outdoor WiFi Hotspot Setup Guide

Helium Mobile Outdoor WiFi Hotspot Setup Guide

Step 1.

Download the Helium Mobile Builder app.

Step 2.

Open The Builder app you just downloaded.

Step 3.

Tap on Deploy in the top right corner.

Step 4.

Tap on Helium Mobile Hotspot Outdoor.

Step 5.

Swipe through the information and at the end tap on I Understand.

Step 6.

We need to connect the equipment now.

You will need an POE+ injector to use this Outdoor hotspot.
Buy here: POE+ injector

First connect an ethernet cable from the existing router LAN ports to the POE+ injectors LAN port(DATA IN).

Second, connect the POE+ injector to wall power.


Last, connect the Outdoor Mobile Hotspot to the POE+ injectors (PWR+ DATA OUT) port, with an outdoor rated ethernet cable. You probably want a long cable so it can be placed outdoors on a pole or wall. If you don't have a pole you can use a pipe mount if needed.
Buy here: J pipe pole mount

Buy here: Outdoor rated ethernet cable

Step 7.

Now that all is connected. Wait for the blue light at the bottom of the hotspot to be solid blue, then tap the button at the bottom.

Step 8.

Scan the QR code on the back of the unit. It will automatically move to the next screen.

Step 9.

Tap on Join.

Step 10.

Tap Allow.

Step 11.

Is this your location? If so, tap on It looks correct. If this is not correct do not continue, this will impact rewards.

Step 12.

Enter the height of the unit, if its not installed yet, put the height its final resting place will be. Then tap Set Height.

Step 13.

Go behind the hotspot and put your phone against it to set the direction it's pointing. Then tap Set Direction.

Step 14.

Verify the information is correct. Then tap on Yes, Please Register Now.


Your hotspot is now registered and should earn within the next 24 hours.

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Hello, I installed 2 out door antennas yesterday. However, I forgot the one photo of the install from the roof to the ground. Can I still submit the other required photos so I can get the antennas working?

Gregory Grundl

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