HIP74 - New hex sizes

HIP74 - New hex sizes

With the proposed changes of HIP74 public. We decided to go over what we think will be the most important changes that could be coming.

Today we will go over the new hex size.

This is the current size of a hex. It's huge(green hex)

res12 hex size

It tells us there is a hotspot placed within here somewhere. Not exactly where it is. With LoRa this was not a problem as the 900Mhz signal can travel very far it will easily cover this whole hex in signal.

But the signal of Helium Mobile does not go very far in comparison to LoRa. It is impossible to say where the Helium Mobile coverage is within this.

Did you see the small purple hex in the middle? Look again if you missed it. It's on Pine St and 17th St.

This is the new proposed size for a Mobile hex. They no longer will show you where the hostpot is located. But instead this will show the coverage the radios are providing. Notice how small it is? Thats how little coverage Helium Mobile provides. We need to be more accurate to give better map data about coverage.

Here is a more detailed look. You can see exactly where the coverage is and how strong in which hex. This is a Baicells 430h.

res12 hex signal propagation

I went ahead and overlapped the image to give you a easier visual representation about just how huge of a difference this is going to be. The best coverage will be within the red/orange hex. You can understand how small it really is.

new res12 vs res8 hex

To get more accurate map data this is a very important step that needs to be taken. HIP74 is "expecting" to be live Q1 2023.

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