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How to view your helium wallet transactions

How to view your helium wallet transactions

You might notice you cannot view the transaction history in the Black Helium wallet. Heres a way to view it using Solscan.

Step 1.

Open the Black Helium Wallet.

Step 2.

Tap on the gear icon in the top left corner.

Step 3.

Tap Share Address.

Step 4.

Tap Copy.

Step 5.

Now head over to https://solscan.io/ in your web browser of choice.

Step 6.

Paste the address you copied into the search bar. Then press the purple magnifying glass.

Step 7a.

Scroll down a bit until you see Transactions tab. Then swipe a bit left until you see SPL Transfers.

Step 7b.

Tap on SPL Transfers.

Step 8.

Below you will find all the transactions including payments sent from Moken to your Helium wallet. You might need to swipe to the left just like above to view them.

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