Meet AskMoken: The AI Support Bot Revolutionizing Helium Hotspot Troubleshooting

Meet AskMoken: The AI Support Bot Revolutionizing Helium Hotspot Troubleshooting

What Is AskMoken?

AskMoken is our AI support bot is designed to assist you with diagnosing issues with your helium hotspots, and we plan to expand its capabilities in the future. If you've noticed a decrease in rewards from your hotspot and you're not sure why, our bot is here to help. Simply ask a question, and you'll receive quick answers to resolve any issues with your hotspot.

What can you ask AskMoken?

You can ask it about 3 networks right now:

  • Helium Mobile / IOT
  • DIMO
  • Geodnet

For the Helium Network, you can even ask it about your specific hotspot. Give it a try!

For example, ask: "What is wrong with Massive Iron Scallop?" and it will grab the blockchain and off-chain data, and find out exactly how to improve your hotspot performance!

This is huge.

How to Use It:

New: we've released an online version of the bot. Head to to use the AskMoken Bot.

To use the AI bot, you can also join our Discord server. You can join by following this link: Join our Discord.

Please note that a verified phone number is required to join our server. Once you've joined, navigate to our AI support channel. There, you'll find the 'ask-moken-helium' channel. Click on it to start interacting with the bot!

When you are in, click on “Ask a Question about helium”.

A private thread will appear on the side, click it and fire away your questions.

I’m going to ask what's wrong with the hotspots called “rural blue gorilla”, but you could ask about anything related to helium.

And the results are in. The hotspot coverage is not that great due to HIP103.

In the future, the bot will continuously enhance its ability to respond to diverse questions, experiencing exponential improvement over time. Moreover, it will branch out into additional projects such as Geodnet and DIMO, showcasing its expanding capabilities and versatility.

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