MosoLabs vs. Baicells

MosoLabs vs. Baicells

Need help deciding which outdoor radio you want to buy?


These radios are very similar. FreedomFi powers both radios, so that means if there are any issues. You will be creating tickets to FreedomFi for either brand.


The Baicells 430h and MosoLabs outdoor radio will mine 2.5x rewards in the genesis phase.

Both radios have around a 65-degree horizontal beamwidth and about 17-20 degrees vertical beamwidth. The Baicells weighs 4.85kg, while the Moso weighs 5.5 kg.


Now there are some cons with the Moso vs. the Baicells.

When taking the photo of the radio where your phone is on top of the radio, it's easier on the Baicells because of the larger surface area. However, your phone will likely fall off the Moso, and since you are on a roof, it's potentially a very high drop. Although this only needs to be done once, it's still something I wanted to mention.

baicells 430h and mosolabs radio


Now the biggest con of the Moso is how you power the unit. On the Baicells, you connect the power at the bottom, which is much better, and you can make a drip loop to add extra protection against the elements. On the Moso, you power it from the side, which could be better. It will be more susceptible to the elements. You also cannot effectively make a drip loop for a sideways-mounted plug.

What is a drip loop? It's a loop made at the bottom of the device, typically where the cable plugs in. Its purpose is simple. Water runs down and cannot climb up the loop created to enter the device. Without a drip loop, water will constantly hit the rubber grommet over time, possibly deteriorating it more quicker.

water ingress photo


For that last reason alone, get a Baicells over the Moso. The radios are so similar, expect them to perform the same. But for the peace of mind about how the Moso gets its power, I say forget it. Why do you want to worry about water entering the device when it's impossible on the Baicells.


The winner! Baicells!

baicells 430h
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