Unlocking the Process: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Helium Mobile Tokens

Unlocking the Process: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling Helium Mobile Tokens

Many people are currently pondering over a common inquiry: How can I sell my mobile tokens? Previously, this process posed significant challenges as it involved placing trust in unknown individuals on the internet. You had to send the tokens first and hope that they would reciprocate by sending the money—a rather dubious arrangement, to say the least. Fortunately, a much safer alternative has emerged, eliminating the need to rely on strangers. Moreover, you now have the option to cash out using your preferred centralized exchange. In the following discussion, we will delve into the specifics of this improved method.

Let's begin by discussing the essential requirements. Firstly, you will need the Black Helium Wallet. Additionally, it is necessary to have an account on a centralized exchange of your preference. There are numerous options available, such as crypto.com, Binance, Kraken, or even KuCoin, among many others. Ensure that the exchange you choose supports Solana, as this will be the token utilized for conducting the transaction.

Here's the proposed strategy: We will initiate a token swap from Mobile tokens to Solana using jup.ag within the Black Helium Wallet. Subsequently, we will transfer the acquired Solana to our chosen centralized exchange in order to facilitate the conversion into the local currency of your preference.

Step 1.

Open the Black Helium wallet.

Step 2.

Tap the globe icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3.

Tap on https://jup.ag

Step 4.

Make sure the top link says jup.ag, the press connect.

Step 5.

Tap on IOT, under you’re paying. It could say something else. We are going to change it to Mobile.

Step 6.

Type in Mobile at the top then select it from the list. Make sure it reads “mb1e…2jh6”

Step 7.

Under to receive, we will change it to Solana. Tap on hnt.

Step 8.

Type in sol and then tap it once it appears below. Make sure it reads “So11…1112”

Step 9.

I will convert 5000 Mobile into solana. The rates will vary so pay attention. In this example 5000 Mobile will get me 0.052 Solana. If you’re happy, press swap.

Step 10.

Tap approve.

Step 11.

Go back to the main menu of the Black Helium Wallet. Then tap on Solana.

Step 12.

Tap Send.

Step 13.

For the address, enter the Solana wallet your centralized exchange has provided.

Decide how much Solana you wish to sell.

When all is good tap, Pay.

Step 14.

Your Solana should be in your centralized exchange now. Since we cannot make a guide for each exchange. You will be on your own. You will need to convert your Solana into USD or which currency you desire.

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