Moken Community Sentiment Explained

Moken Community Sentiment Explained

The problem

You see the price of Mobile tokens skyrocketing, 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents. You panic, and start sending messages to your friends to get their opinion on what you should do next. Buy in or wait it out? This is a problem many crypto users face. What happens if your friends are not there to reply to your messages? You could miss the next big thing. Moken understands your concerns and has a great solution for you. Introducing the Moken Sentiment.


With Moken Sentiment. We have created a place where you can see all the trades the Moken community is doing. For example, Our friend JD has decided to sell his Mobile tokens for Solana tokens. You would only know this information if you know JDs wallet or ask him yourself to see what he's doing trades wise. But now all this information is public. By viewing the Moken Sentiment page you can see what trades JD and others are doing! This is extremely helpful to give an idea of what the community is thinking.


This is super important to us. We know people do not want to expose their wallets. Moken has created the solution. When you submit your wallet address when creating your profile. This address is never shared to the public. We act as a proxy service. We store your wallet address in our backend securely so nobody can see it. Then query the blockchain to see what trades you have done. We list on your profile the trades you have been doing. For example Let’s say you sold 100 Solana. We never disclose the numbers of tokens being traded as that can leak your wallet.  It would be shown on your profile as selling (lots or a little). Displaying the information this way stops anyone from being able to know your wallet. We also display the date of the trades. But we have purposely limited it to show the day not hour/seconds to prevent doxing.

Stay notified

We’ve also built in the followers feature. Let’s say you want to know what JDs trades are like at all times. You can follow his profile and get emails when he has made a trade. This way you are always on top of what people are doing. This feature is extremely useful. If you follow multiple people and start getting emails about everyone buying Mobile tokens. Something could be up. Might be worth stopping everything you're doing in case some critical thing is happening such as a new update to the network or other big news. When super time critical news is out people first reaction is to buy or sell it. Using Moken Sentiment you will never miss out again.

Now that we've done the rundown, checkout how the community is feeling:

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