Top 6 DePIN Projects to Mine in 2024

Top 6 DePIN Projects to Mine in 2024

Unlock passive crypto streams with these leading and emerging crypto mining ventures.


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In an era dominated by a few telecommunications giants, Helium introduces a revolutionary approach by democratizing network ownership. Imagine a world where networks are not owned by corporations but by individuals like you. Helium Mobile facilitates this transition, offering a unique opportunity to partake in the crypto mining scene.

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Introducing the world's largest decentralized GNSS network, GEODNET stands at the forefront of geo-mining technology. This project allows individuals to contribute to and benefit from a global positioning network, marking a significant step towards decentralized data collection and utilization.

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WeatherXM paves the way for a new era in weather forecasting by rewarding contributions from weather station owners. This innovative network leverages the power of community-driven data to offer precise weather services, essential for the dynamic requirements of Web3 enterprises.

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4. DIMO:

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Take control of your automotive data with DIMO. This platform unlocks a new realm of possibilities by connecting your vehicle to a network of applications designed to resolve real-world mobility issues. DIMO is your gateway to making your car smarter and more connected than ever before.

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As a promising competitor in the mobility sector, Soarchain offers developers the tools to create bespoke smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). This platform is designed to innovate the mobility industry, offering scalable and efficient solutions.

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Embark on the journey of creating a decentralized map with Hivemapper. This unique project utilizes the world’s first crypto-enabled dashcam to map the globe collaboratively. By joining Hivemapper, you contribute to building an open and accessible map for all.

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Dive into the world of crypto mining with these DePIN projects, each offering a unique way to earn passive income through mining, crypto rewards, and contributing to decentralized networks. Whether you're interested in telecommunications, automotive data, weather forecasting, or mapping, there's a DePIN project waiting for you. Explore our recommended hardware to get started on your mining journey today.

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