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Geodnet MobileCM (Triple-band)

Geodnet MobileCM (Triple-band)

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What it does:

The GEODNET mission is to gather dense real-time geospatial data from the Earth and her Atmosphere using a new class of roof-mounted Space Weather stations.‍ You will earn GEOD tokens for installing this.

How to install:

This unit must be installed outdoors securely. It is not supposed to move even a mm.


This product works globally.

What's included & recommended parts:‍

1 x Geodnet MobileCM (Triple-band)

This includes the mounting hardware to attach to poles.

Below are some recommended parts to help complete the installation. As an Amazon Associate, we earn commission from qualifying purchases.

- Outdoor Enclosure : If you wish to place the base unit outdoors, you will need an enclosure such as this.

- Proxicast steel J-Pipe : If you have no way to mount the unit.

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