Ask Moken Chat Bot 💡

Ask Moken Chat Bot 💡

Clip Transcript

This is our chat bot. It's called AskMoken. It's here to help you guys when you have some questions about your crypto projects. You know, there's not always someone online 24/7. So we built this bot so it's accessible at all times and knows quite a bit of information about all the projects. So for example, let's use the Helium Network this is the main interface and you go to ask IO, you can just go into the Helium network and we can ask it about like I do and what really So ask it about a hotspot like.

I mean, I mean you can spot wrong like I just did diagnosed my hotspot rule blue guerilla for example. And what it's going to do is it's going to actually have the capability to go on to the Helium Explorer and grab all the relevant information about your hotspot to give you real accurate, you know, readings, what's going on.

So here it is for the coverage. It's tell me about my coverage points. So this is probably due to hip one or three. This is why the multipliers are like that. So you can get some information about your helium hotspot. If you scroll down, it's got some more information about like the witnesses for the Iot Network, for example, let's talk about your tenant placement.

If we want to try a different project, for example, Geodnet, you could like ask it like what's, what's the or let's see how to lock a hex, for example, how to lock apex. You can just talk to it like a normal person would, and it's going to give you proper answers. So these are the instructions how to lock a hex.

You know, you just deployed equipment there and wait a couple of days and then it will get its NFT. So there's that. And the same with like demo, for example. Yeah. So can I ask you do anything beyond the top of my head, like does chemo drain my car battery? So let's see what it says. No, demon does not.

Yeah. So if you're still, like, stuck for some reason and you know, the bot can't answer your question, you know, you could. You could panic a little bit and type in like, I need a human or I need a person or something similar to that and it will trigger it to create a support ticket where you could just click it and then fill all your information.

So, you know, a human from our team from in can actually reply to your email and not just a support bot. So we got you covered on all bases here. So if you need like instant support, head over to the bot, give it a try. If it doesn't have the answer. It's constantly evolving, so we're going to be able to keep on train and train and train in it until it does know everything that's out there.

So it's got a pretty full knowledge base as it is, it pretty much knows almost everything and there will be a couple of things I sit by, but like I said, it will be trained. So and if you can't get the answer from the bot, I mean, why not shoot us a ticket? It we'll actually back and hopefully answer your question.

So thank you. This is our Ask Moken

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