How to Cash Out WeatherXM?

How to Cash Out WeatherXM?

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To cash out your weatherXM is pretty simple. Open up your metamask wallet. We're going to click on our weather accent tokens. We're going to swap these because most exchanges do not support weather exam at the moment. So we're going to need to convert it into something that they do support. So this would be in this example, I'm going to convert them to USD.

So Cezanne Swap selected token, we're going to put it in USD. USD on the arbitrage network is supported pretty much on every major exchange. So we're going to be safe with this news. Max. I'm going to convert all the tokens in this case just for the example. So I got two and just if you guys aren't aware 1 USD is kind of pegged to one U.S. dollar or that's supposed to be how it works.

So it's a safer way to convert your funds. So I'm going to get about $1.75 for my weather exam, which I'm fine with, so I'm going to convert that to swap it. So once the swap is finished at the bottom, what we're going to do is and I'm not going to show you this, but you're going to take your USD, you'll just wait for it to refresh in my wallet and then we're just going to send it to your exchange wallet where you could then cash it out into your bank account or however your cash in is out.

So here you could see I got my dollar 75 of usd t, so I'm going to just go here and you would press send and then you would just put the wallet address of, you know, your exchange that you're using and then you could proceed to cash out, like I just mentioned before. So that's how you cash it out.

Just be sure not to send the weather exam to exchanges because it is not supported on many exchanges right now. So you will probably lose your tokens. So just be safe and make sure you do the USD two way.

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