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So to cash out your GEODNET tokens. Very simple. We're going to open up the Metamask wallet. Could open up whatever while you're using, but this will be with Metamask. So price is going to be very similar. So go down to your GIO and that tokens are going to go to swap and we'll be swapping our GEODNET tokens for USD.

And for those who aren't familiar, USDC is a stablecoin so 1 USD is always worth one U.S. dollar. Or that's supposed to be how it works. So that's why we're going to choose that token to keep it into dollar USD. Here we go. So here there's a used max. I'm going to click that to get rid of all my geode that tokens.

So I'm going to I have about $4.69 of unit tokens will see the rate I get when I convert it. So here we go. So I'm going to lose about $0.10 on this trade, but it's fine. So I'm going to get about $4.65 worth of USD. I'm going to accept that. Now, this might take a little bit of time, so I'll just explain this while we wait.

So with this USD, we could send it to an exchange like Coinbase Kucoin Binance. Then there you could make the trade from used it to U.S. dollar and get it deposited into your bank account. You see at the bottom here it just completed. So now if we go back to the main menu here, you can see now we have the USDC.

So yeah, at the bottom you would just press send and you can send it, like I said, to your Kucoin wallet or Binance or whatever exchange you're using. And continue to checkout process there because that is different for every person. So that's how you cash out your geonet tokens.

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