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I always like to add my little bit of macro color to stuff, so we add some macro to it because I know a lot of especially going for a deploys like myself right now with the way the markets are looking and feeling some pain. But where I find comfort or where I stay cool, I like to look at the history of stuff.

Even if you look at where the crypto market was on the whole at the same time period last year, right, we were experiencing a pullback in the market on a whole. In addition to that, typically there's that old adage that in May we go away like we were in like the stock market will typically go away in the summertime and we come back in September.

Right? So a lot of people are on vacation. So it's not that much volume in the market. Market makers use this as an opportunity to take the markets lower. It's like accumulation period for the next phase of stuff. So just keep in mind that, you know, there are cycles and it maybe still is a good time, still, you know, not financial advice, but to go ahead and get in some good deep in projects.

Don't wait for the boom, because when a boom comes, then like JD loves to say, the stuff won't be there right?

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